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(Pre-Order) 2023 Gio's RaggaMuffins POLO

(Pre-Order) 2023 Gio's RaggaMuffins POLO

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 Pre-order deadline is November 6, 2023

*Numbers most like not print as is. Pictures were gathered from Gio's facebook profile, so quality of photo will vary*

This special Gio top represents a collection of teams that held a significant place in Gio's heart. Each patch tells a story of his rugby journey. Every number features a different state of Gio with the loving smile.

  • O.R.C & RaggaMuffins 7s: Co-founded by Gio and Justin Hale, aiming to conquer Vegas 7s and bring men's rugby to Round Rock, TX.
  • Rock Rugby: His cherished high school rugby club where his passion for the sport ignited.
  • Austin Huns: Gio's inaugural men's club, marking his entry into the competitive rugby scene.
  • Oregon Sharks: His final men's club, where he left an indelible mark before moving on to new adventures.
  • Steamboat Rugby: A welcoming haven when Gio ventured from home, helping him establish his new life.
  • Portland Hunters: Gio's touch rugby homebase in Portland, where he shared his love for the game.
  • Bulldog Rugby: Fulfilling Gio's dream of competing at the highest 7s level, offering him daily challenges and growth opportunities.
  • St. Edwards: College-age companions at St. Edwards, sharing the thrill of the game together.
  • Serevi: A crowning achievement for Gio, competing at Rugbytown 7s, proudly representing Serevi Seleves.
  • Wild Dogs: His final chapter in L.A. 7s, leaving his mark with the Wild Dogs.
  • Texas Grad Rugby: The one time he convinced his father, Robert Bonilla, to pick up rugby for a day.
  • Raiders: His favorite football team, a passion that extended beyond rugby fields.

Each patch symbolizes a chapter in Gio's remarkable sports journey, honoring his dedication, passion, and love for the game. #GioRugbyLegacy #RugbyJourney #TeamGio 🏆

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